Vacation and a Home Update – It’s a 2 for 1

vacation and a home update

A good time to think about painting and updating the interior of your home, especially the main living areas, is when you’re on vacation.

I have a couple of clients go on vacation in the winter every year and they have me do their interior home updates. Things like painting, new flooring, tiling, and changing out of light fixtures. This last winter when they returned they asked me, “Why doesn’t everyone do home updates like this? It’s perfect. We don’t have to walk around the mess, it’s all done when we get home, and someone is watching our house for us while we are away.”

In fact, this client just called recently and I will be updating their laundry room with flooring, paint, and a new front entry while they are away.

Interior painting is the easiest, most cost efficient way to update your living area and change the space. I love painting and the best part is when the home owners come home and see their idea brought to life and a room transformed.

I am going to let you in on a little secret in the handyman world: “Winter time is the best work time.”

In Minnesota, where we have long winters and short summers, people get in the habit of doing their home updates in the short summer months.  As a handyman that means I am working long days in the summer and my schedule is full. However, once the snow flies, I can’t work outside on decks, exterior painting, or some outdoor repairs. That’s when my schedule opens up. You might even be able to schedule things within a week of calling.

If you have been talking about and/or planning to have the interior of your home painted, don’t wait until Spring. You’ll end up waiting longer to get on the schedule, because everyone else waited too. It’s a bit like traffic during rush hour.

Make the call now and get it done in the winter to avoid the rush. And, if you’re planning a vacation, go for the 2 for 1 and have it done while you’re gone. There is no better feeling than coming home after a relaxing vacation to a fresh coat of paint on the wall and new tile touching your feet. It’s like being on vacation all over again.

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