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H2YR was started at the end of 2008. After years of wanting to start this business, I finally had enough tools and after hours customers to go for it.

Hello, my name is Tom and I am a native of the St. Cloud area.  I bring over 40 years of handyman experience to my customers. My training started when I was young with my father. I expanded my knowledge by working on old homes, as I lived in many older homes over time, and helping friends who owned older homes. The work was more than a pastime. It was a career. I have been able to enjoy on the job training and apprenticeship while always taking great care for the craftsmanship and value of each project.

I support the local community and businesses and I am happy to pass along the name of other service people who can help a home owner maintain a nice and comfortable home.

For quotes on your next home project, please contact me by phone or email below. 

Tom Furnstahl
Painter/Handyman/Mr. Fix-it